Jasmine Green Tea Bags Envelope

Jasmine Green Tea B...

Green Tea is always the best choice when you care about your health. Enjoy the lovely fragrance of p..


Darjeeling First Flush Tea  Bags Envelope

Darjeeling First Flu...

Grown in the foothills of the sprawling Himalayas, Darjeeling first flush teas are first crop of the..


Darjeeling Second Flush Tea Bags Envelope

Darjeeling Second Fl...

Darjeeling Tea second flush is harvested in summer from June until mid-July. It is the second main h..


Darjeeling Tea Bag Elephant Black Box

Darjeeling Tea Bag E...

The climate high altitude and texture of the himalayan soil nourish, the tea plants helps to give Da..


Green Tea Bags Envelope

Green Tea Bags Envel...

Rich in antioxidants, made from high quality tea leaves. Enjoy the fine selection of pure green tea...


Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Bag Tin Box

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea B...

Kahwa is the perfect beverage. A blend of Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon with natural green tea immediat..


Lemon Cinnamon Tea Bag Tin Box

Lemon Cinnamon Tea B...

When you're trying to lose weight, calories count no matter where they come from,even from a drink t..


Masala Chai Tea Bag Elephant Black Box

Masala Chai Tea Bag ...

Masala Chai tea bags is an expertly created blend of the choicest Indian Spices like (Cardamom, Cinn..


Mint Tea Tin Box 50gm

Mint Tea Tin Box 50g...

A gratifying and exotic blend of green tea and dried mints leaves.It's an aromatic that can magicall..


Organic Darjeeling Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

Organic Darjeeling T...

A perfect cup of Garden-fresh loose-leaf teas with the unmatched convenience of Pyramid-shaped Tea B..


Rich Assam Tea Bag Envelope

Rich Assam Tea Bag E...

The rich aroma of Assam Tea is invigorating to the senses. This black tea is known for its strong br..


Rose Tea Bag Tin Box

Rose Tea Bag Tin Box...

Rose tea helps you relax, Reduces stress, Keeps you going boosts stamina.Roses are more commonly kno..


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