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White Tea

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Made of Silver White Buds, this is the least processed form of tea. It is full of antioxidants and helps in heart protection, prevention of cancer, diabetes, stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol.

White Tea is a very special kind of tea. It is handpicked, hand rolled and sun dried. Pure Ultra premium whole leaf teas harvested from the world’s most exclusive tea garden.

White tea contains higher portion of the buds, which are covered with fine ‘silvery’ pubescence that impart a light white/grey colour to the tea. White tea brews to a pale yellow infusion and has a slightly sweet flavour.

These White Tea buds are picked from selected plants, which are 100 years old china plant and extra special are has been taken to process this tea and it is free from pesticide residues.

White tea are very light oxidized. The Leaves and buds grown from white tea are actually picked the day before the shoots open, which is arributed to the delicate nature and subtle quality of White Tea.

White has a greater concentration of polyphonous than Green tea and therefore have strongest anti-cancer potential of all teas.

Two recent studies, at Louisiana’s Pace University and Oregon State University, found that white tea is the most beneficial of all brews, rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants and capable of boosting the body’s immune system even more then the green tea.

Drinking White tea helps your body protect two proteins essential for improving & repairing skin collagen and elastin. White tea can also b applied directly to skin in more serious cases. Just soak a clean piece of fabric in your freshly-brewed tea and massage it into problem areas.

Direction Of Use :

Boil fresh water in kettle, Wash tea pot with warm water and add one heaped tea spoon per cup & one extra for the pot, Pour boiled water into pot & let leaf infuse for 3 to 5 minutes to secure full flavor. Add lemon/sugar for taste.

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