• Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Bag Tin Box

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Bag Tin Box

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Bag Tin Box

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Kahwa is the perfect beverage. A blend of Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon with natural green tea immediately energizes you.Kashmiri Kahwa helps you relieve headache, fight cold and maintain fluid levels.Together the blend cools the body down and its exotic flavor rejuvenates life.

カーワは完璧な飲み物です。 カルダモン、ジンジャー、シナモンと天然緑茶のブレンドがあなたに活力を与えます。カシミールカーワは頭痛を和らげ、冷たさを保ち、水分レベルを維持するのに役立ちます。

카화  는 완벽한 음료입니다. 카 다몬, 생강, 시나몬, 천연 녹차가 혼합되어 즉각적으로 에너지를 공급합니다.

卡瓦是完美的饮料。 豆蔻,生姜,肉桂与天然绿茶的混合能立即为您提供能量。克什米尔语Kahwa可帮助您缓解头痛,对抗感冒并保持体液水平。这些混合物可以使身体凉爽,异国风味恢复活力。

Expiry: Best before 24 Months from packaging 

Once Opened: 6 Months

Package content Unit: 10 Tea Bags

Brewing Time: 3-5 min's

Ideal Temperature: 85-90°C

Origin: Kashmir, India

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